CPA study guide and a three year old

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    This morning my son decided he wanted to read mommy’s book. He flipped through my FAR book. Looked at me and asked politely where the pictures were in that book.

    Please put more pictures in your CPA study guide. I do have some very cute photos of him studying

    Reg 76
    Bus 82
    Aud 70, 86
    Far 68 ,79 ten point combo FTW
    April Fools day CPA licence WA

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    Too cute gladrial…

    Another tip is you have the ninja audio, it works wonders on the little ones! For some reason, when I listen to FAR in the car, my 5-year old son goes into an instant calming state.

    Thanks Jeff, it's a sure way to get my active little guy to quiet down a bit!!

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