Coronavirus Prometric Closings

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    Is anybody else worried about Prometric closing down due to the virus?

    They already started closing locations in Hong Kong and Italy.

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    I have family living out in South Korea, so I've been keeping up w/ what's going down over there. From what I've heard and read so far, I wouldn't be surprised if businesses in general started shutting down temporarily due to Coronavirus, so don't be surprised if prometric testing centers start doing the same thing. It'll just really depend on whether they find someone who's been diagnosed w/ coronavirus and whether the have been to the specific testing center you'll be going to and there's no way to know at this point. They could also start closing down as preventative measure, but that's probably going to be unlikely.

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    I am worried as i am taking exam soon.

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    Honestly, I doubt anything will happen.

    The current testing window ends in 5 days, I don't know if it's spread far enough just yet to really hit many Prometric centers, but who knows. But we do have 3 week blackout until April, and I imagine Coronavirus will peak around that time and settle down once April rolls in. IIRC, it has an incubation period of 2 weeks, so that's enough time for things to (hopefully) settle down before we test again.

    Just wash your dang hands and cover your dang coughs and sneezes.


    Regarding South Korea, I took an exam here just last week. Everyone at the prometric center was wearing masks of course, but no closing down yet. I could see it happening in the near future though. Although I'd think it'd be less likely in the US since its not as near severe there as in SK.

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    I live in PA, Montgomery County with so far 20 cases of corona virus. It is just so indicative how much Prometric cares about our health cramming 30 people in a room mid pandemic spreading where our schools, daycares, and all public facilities are going to be closed for 2 weeks!
    Instead prometric PERMIT us to have masks!
    Cynical greedy people!

    Biff Tannen

    @Daniel hey bud, some of us are giving up our lives for this exam (150 hours of study time per session) and the last thing we want to hear is a Prometric office is closed one week before your exam. The media is blowing this whole corona virus thing out of proportion.

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    The media may be sensationalizing it, but closing test centers is the smart necessary thing to do. Public computers and keyboards are some of the most germ-covered things in existence.

    Plus it's not like you can't re-schedule. If I'm paying hundreds of dollars for a test, you're damn right I'ma take any extra time I can get to study, and you're damn right I don't want to go in there distracted by a freakin' pandemic. I went in just last week, and as much as I tried to focus, the worry of Corona was in the back of my head the whole time. Trust me man, you do NOT want that while you're trying to remember how to account for warranty contingencies 😮


    So my exam has been cancelled.
    I need to check with NASBA and state board to see about extension, that is planned to go into possibly Sept. Test centers are closed throughout the state until further notice.
    In the meantime, I learnt there is a new cpa certification model rolled out mid-summer. 2020 starts well, doesn't it.


    @danielx what's the new model?

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    @kay I think Daniel is referring to the continuous testing that AICPA plans to roll out in June or July of this year.

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    Let's stay healthy and keep our families healthy and safe so whenever testing resumes we're ready.

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    It begins with a 75
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    I hope NASBA and State Boards will extend 18 months window for us…

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    Yeah they should, its a no brainer

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