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    Anyone been through this process? How does it compare to CPA and how many test is it?

    REG - 88
    AUD - 96
    BEC - 76
    FAR - 79


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    I heard it's super easy and kind of a joke…I could be wrong though…

    B 79
    A 75
    R 78
    F 85


    It's very easy…compared to CPA, CFE is nothing. It took me a month to finish. I am seriously thinking getting rid of it since it costs me over $100 per year to renew it. However, if you are looking to become a forensic accountant, CFE does give you an edge to get hired. ACFE is working hard to get their name out, and the organization does have some heavy weight backing it.


    Another note – Congrats to those who passed and officially become a CPA. For those who consider getting additional titles, please think carefully before you spent time, money, and energy on it. I have co-workers who have many titles after them, CPA, CIA, CFF, CFE, ect…some of them are seriously considering dropping few or has already dropped some of their titles. Each title requires additional continuing education and annual renewal fees, when it added up, it costs quiet a lot…after all, think about if you really need this before you go for it.


    It is a lot easier to obtain, we have a handful of people in our office that have it, all said the same thing, the forensic side of it is really interesting and probably something I am going to look into, just have to look it the cost benefit of it.

    BEC 73, 71, 79 (1/3/12)
    AUD 48, 70 (1/31/12), 85 (4/9/12)
    REG 70, 61, 77 (2/29/12)
    FAR 42, 74 (5/29/12), 80 (7/16/12)
    Ethics - 98 (4/20/12)
    Officially a CPA (8/9/12)


    Like I mentioned in another thread, the CFE is sort of a joke. From what I understand, the exam is mostly theoretical, it's a take-home exam, and the experience requirements are very lax.

    Heard that the CFF, althoguh new, is becoming more widely recognized due to its practical format and stricter experience requirements.

    Mayo, BBA, Macc

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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