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    I need about 26 more credit hours to meet the 150 requirement and am torn about what to do. I’m not sure if I should get a Masters or just take some random courses at the local community college. I dread the thought of taking on more debt over and above the house and car payment we already have, which I would have to do with a Masters. I would also feel a little guilty for taking a course like Photography 101 to count as hours towards my CPA license.

    When do student loans have to be repaid? Do you start paying them back immediately, or does it not start until you have graduated?

    Any advice you guys could give me is greatly appreciated! This is such a hard decision!

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    Besides, why NOT take more accounting courses? It will help you in learning new things for the CPA.


    As far as the student loan repayment. Typically loans go into repayment 6 months after you drop below half time. You can defer them for up to 5 years (no payments, interest accrues) with most of the big student loan companies.

    Credit agencies do not consider Student Loan debt as bad debt. So while it does effect your overall net worth, it does not hurt you for car loans or mortgage applications.

    Suck it up and get your MBA or MACC or MTAX….even if it is two classes at a time (enough to keep student loans out of repayment)! The pay raise you get will easily outweigh the cost of the degree over time.

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    Take some econ classes especially if you aren't well versed in that area. I would have had trouble with BEC (as many do) if I hadn't been an Econ major as an undergrad.

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    @ bob and makinthemagic – Great suggestions except I am planning to finish the exam before starting school. If I don't get through BEC on the first or second try though, I may have to reconsider. Econ was by far the worst business subject for me in college so a refresher course couldn't hurt. Glad to know we have a resident Econ expert amongst us!

    @ Poohjure – thanks for the great student loan info!!

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