Anyone ever think about becoming an Actuary?

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    Anyone have any insight to how tough it is to become one as compared to passing the CPA exam? Is this a good alternate to becoming a CPA? I hear the salaries are pretty competitive.

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    I used to want to be an actuary when I was younger. I'm guessing you just have to be stronger in the analysis department.

    I did check out the CFA exam though which seems like a marathon just like the CPA.

    Patriots fan? I'm from NY but I think Bill Belechick is a genius. MAN HAS RINGS.

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    Love the Pats. Many years now, and yes… I bet Belichick could pass the CPA exam without even studying LOL!

    Yeah, it seems you need to take a series of exams that could take up to 10 years, thats crazy.


    Yeah I did momentarily in the GA State book store when I picked up an actuarial book……I laughed and put it right back.

    No thanks.


    I'd be interested. I say why not. I just looked at a website and it seems pretty interesting (I'm more interested in Financial Analysis type positions than accounting). However, I'm hoping to do the CFA next so an actuary designation would have to wait. I didn't even know it existed to be honest. Any other Corporate finance designations out there?

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