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    I received an email today from the board of accountancy telling me I’ve met all requirements to be issued a license except:

    Official college or university transcript(s) verifying 3 semester units of ethics study, specifically in courses devoted to accounting ethics or accountants’ professional responsibilities, and additional 5 semester units of accounting study, specifically in accounting subject areas. Transcripts on file only document 25 semester units of Accounting. Accounting ethics courses must be completed at an upper-division level or higher, unless completed at a community college.

    I’m confused. How was I eligible to take the exam if I lacked the required number of units? Do they want me take only 3 units in ethics or are they saying I need a total of 8 more units (3 ethics + 8 accounting)?


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    A total of 8 credits. Some state like NYS allow you to sit on the exam with 120 credits and 24 accounting credits. You can make up the rest of the credits anytime before or after the exam.

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    you need total 8 credits. and yes, some states allow you to at least sit for the exam if you only have part of the required credits to be licensed, as long as you get the other credits needed at some point before you are licensed. in MD it is 120 to sit but you need 150 to be officially licensed. what state are you in?

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    I'm in California. This is such a pain! I have to complete these 8 units or I restart my application.


    It would be more of a pain if you had to pass all four parts of the exam again. It's not ideal, but do what you have to do to get those three letters after your name. Good luck, you worked hard for this so go and complete the 8 units and can't wait to hear when you post that you got your license. You are almost there!

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    Thank you @RobOh You are correct, the exam is the worst part of this and that is done. I'll have to get these 8 units done within the next few months as I don't want to pay another app fee, retake the ethics exam, pay for new finger prints, etc.


    Same happened to me, but needed to take only 1 course. I took a forensic audit course, turns out it didn't even meet the requirement. So 2nd time around, I emailed the course/syllabus/uni info beforehand for a confirmation and the course did count toward my license. Wishing you all the best, it is a pain but at least you can take these at your pace online even.

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