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    Ok,so I’m taking REG on December 18th and just started studying today. Just got lost my job (thanks Covid) so I have all day to study. I’m only using NINJA. My plan is to read the book/rewrite the NINJA notes at the same time, skipping videos. Then hammer multiple choice and rewrite the notes again.

    I’d appreciate any honest feedback. Thanks!!

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    I love the ambition but I'd worry just under 4 weeks is not nearly enough time to learn all the information in adequate preparation for the exam. For me (note I do take a bit more time than average), my ideal timeline was 1-1.5 units of material per week (total of 8 in Becker, I'm not sure what Ninja looks like), and wrap it up with a through review of notes and time for simulated exams near the end. It definitely will help if you have all day to study, but if you're gonna stick with that timeline, you need to keep your foot on the gas and power through. Time away from studying to unwind is also absolutely necessary.

    Good luck! This forum is chock full of invaluable study tips and experience so I'd definitely recommend skimming through past posts, or create a new one if you have a specific question(s).

    BEC - 90 (7/19, 8 weeks)
    FAR - 78 (10/19, 10 weeks)
    AUD - 75 (12/19, 8 weeks)
    REG - 90 (7/20, ~12 weeks, split up)

    Ethics - 97 (~6 hours to go through the material & take the quiz)
    Licensed in Virginia (10/20, ~1.5 weeks to process after submitting everything)

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