How to study for REG in one week

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    I have failed REG twice, this is the only section I left now. I want to give one more shot before going back to my home country so I scheduled the exam for 22nd, which is the latest exam date before my flight. I got 65 last time, only studied becker material didn’t do any MCQ or SIM. The score report shows I only did comparable on the corporation part but weaker on individual, property, and Business Law parts.
    I am planning to mainly focus on practice MCQ for individuals, property, business law, and SIM for individuals and property. I will study full-time. I know there’s a great chance that I might still not passing reg in this short time but I want to give it a try. Can anyone share your thoughts about how you think I should plan my study, please? Really appreciate!

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    Work the SIMS. The SIMS help me understand the material better because it brings it all together. Sometimes just doing multiple choice doesn't actually help you APPLY the concepts. That is the purpose of the SIMS.

    Good luck and I think you will pull it off.

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    BEC - 75

    I have been on this journey off and on for over 10 years. I think it's about time that I wrap this up.

    AUD - 10/21/16 (75----07/2010 expired)
    FAR - 10/28/16
    BEC - 11/2016
    REG - 01/2017

    Using Gleim CPA Review, Ninja Audio, Ninja Book

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