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    I am sorry if this question had been posted in the past. For those that passed REG, is it okay to just work through the Blaw MCQs for review and still pass?

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    I just took the exam this past weekend and you should review the CPA exam blueprint. The Blaw section comprises a small percentage of the exam compared to the heavy-hitting things like corporate taxation, partnerships, and individual taxes. Spend more time on that first. Also, spend time on the SIMS.

    REG - 78
    FAR - 79
    AUD - 76
    BEC - 75

    I have been on this journey off and on for over 10 years. I think it's about time that I wrap this up.

    AUD - 10/21/16 (75----07/2010 expired)
    FAR - 10/28/16
    BEC - 11/2016
    REG - 01/2017

    Using Gleim CPA Review, Ninja Audio, Ninja Book


    Thank you fsugirl2005, this is very helpful!


    I pulled bus law mcq’s in with other sections instead of studying bus law as its own section. You need to study it because answering those questions correctly will add points to your overall score. Taking shortcuts and skipping sections can lead to a fail. Why risk it?

    AUD - 93
    BEC - 82
    FAR - 76
    REG - 88
    How have you been?
    Ninja book and MCQs and the forum, all first try! 2016
    Licensed State of Montana April Fool’s Day 2020
    State of Colorado June 2020 - AICPA Ethics 93
    Experience was the worst part of the journey for me. You?
    If you want things to change you have to do something different.

    FAR 7/25/15 76!
    AUD 10/30/15 93
    BEC 2/27/16 82
    REG 5/23/16 88!
    Ninja Book and MCQ and the forum - all the way!!!
    and a little thing i like to call, time and effort!
    if you want things to change, you have to do something different


    The course I took, the instructor's saying was…
    You can pass REG without law, but you'll never pass without tax.
    I made sure to do a good sampling of the law questions (I think I hit every question once), and hit those sections so I had a general grasp of the material, but I spent most of my time in tax, and really drilled down on the concepts in tax that I was struggling with.

    Memento Mori - Kingston NY CPA & EA (SUNY Albany 2002)

    FAR-93 11/9/17 (10wks, 250 hrs, Roger 1800+ MCQs, Gleim TB 600+MCQs, SIMs)
    AUD-88 12/7/17 (3 wks, 85 hrs, Roger 1000 MCQs no SIMs hail mary)
    REG-96 1/18/18 (6 wks, 110 hrs, 1400 MCQs, no SIMs)
    BEC-91 2/16/18 (4wks, 90 hrs, 1240 MCQs)


    I believe you need to be prepared for business law simulations in order to pass REG.

    Why gamble that your exam won't happen to have them? You might get something more difficult instead. Like one poster said, taking shortcuts can lead to a fail.

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