Best way to start Ninja Study?

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    I have been studying Reg with Becker prior to now starting Ninja. I started Reg mid 2023 and failed twice. In April I restarted Reg with the 2024 new Becker. I have completed all videos, MQC at 100% and done 2 of the 3 mini tests 85%+ (The second I need to restudy notes before I retake)

    All that.. 182HR into studying Reg  and I still do am not close to 80-85% of random MCQ. I also need much SIMS help.  (For reference I passed Aud & Bec last year first attempt)

    I am now new to Ninja and have been doing MCQ sets trying to get past this first 250 set of evaluation.

    After that- Then what?  What is the best way to use the material to pull up the weak spots without loosing the information that I currently have solid or semi-solid?

    Trying to find the best way to use Ninja to supplement and become ready to tests in the next 2 weeks.

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