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    Took Reg yesterday after studying for a little over two months – felt good about it going in. My mock exam scores were in the low 70s, so thought I was going to have this in the bag. Thought i did well on first MQ testlet and then the second was harder – flagged about 8-9 questions, hoping my guesses were right. The Sims were BRUTAL. I’ve never felt so stupid – had to use AL for so many of them and the only one I’m confident in is the research question. There was so much info in the sims and things I’ve never seen before in Becker and made simple topics like itemized deductions seem hard. Anyone else have a similar experience and ended up passing? Praying for a miracle on 11/22

    REG: 84 (November 2019)

    BEC: 92 (March 2020)

    AUD: 85 (July 2020)


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    OP, your experience was so similar to mine that I had to create an account and post. I also spent about 2 months(probably a little over) preparing. I used Becker and felt horribly unprepared. I went over all of the MC and simulations multiple times(in preparation). Reading the solutions/explanations thoroughly. I felt way more prepared for AUD. I felt that most of the obscure topics were tested whereas the larger(more MC/in depth SIMS) were barely on the test!


    Just took Reg today, no idea how to feel. I prepared really hard for it, the last week I was trying to work on knowledge retention. The exam started and felt like I instantly forgot everything. Horrible feeling. The exam went on and got my wits, know for sure I missed some MCQs because I knew the correct answer when I thought about it after the fact. Sims felt like I was begging for credit. The last testlet (2 sims 1 research) might save me though because that one felt okay. It’s almost 2020! Why are we stuck with this system of having to wait so long for scores?!

    AUD - 87
    BEC - 81
    FAR - 78
    REG - 87



    Ended up passing with a 75! Jeez what a close call. I know that was a battle. All done!!

    B - 83 (expired), 91

    A - 68, 81

    R - 75

    F - 82

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