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    I took reg today and the first teslet was moderate and crushed it. The second testlet came and the questions were much more difficult, but i managed. Then i got to the SIMS and had no idea what they were asking me. I’ve never seen one of the sims while studying with all available material. Why do they feel the need to torture us? Does anyone else feel this way, because i was really confident going into the Sims. They better take this into account

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    I took REG on 11/29 and yes, I had the exact same experience. Sims were crazy, i had one DRS that basically had a long #slack chat and another that was a straightforward enough question but had about 9 docs and huge spreadsheets and letters and lots of different addresses that to be checked and re-checked to ensure we were talking about the same piece of property… just too much info to wade through!
    I had two research questions, they took about 20 and 25 minutes each… pretty confident i got them but the time suck was crazy.

    On the research Q's there was something weird- it said “Section XXYY for the IRS code provides for blah blah blah, but for this what section describes their need for blah blah blah” so obviously one section was given to me, so i knew that couldn't be the answer but i kept looking around that point as i thought it would be near there…. wasted loads of time but just so hard not to do when they give you a point to look at!

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    I took REG on 12/03 and had a very similar experience. My fist MCQ testlet was very straightforward, and I'm fairly confident that I answered all 38 questions correctly. Towards the end of the testlet it occurred to me that I'd probably get the more difficult second testlet since I was doing so well, which made me a little nervous. This ended up happening, and my second testlet was absolutely brutal. The questions were all very complex, and I had to answer with education guesses for about half of them. It was such a difficult testlet that I was actually mentally exhausted and deflated by the time I started the SIMs, despite doing so well on the first testlet. Unfortunately my first SIM was also very though, and I'm pretty sure I didn't answer any of it correctly. At this point I was feeling like I was going to fail the exam, but I pushed on. The next 7 SIMS fortunately weren't as bad as the first, so I think I have a decent chance of passing the exam. But it's definitely a beast of a test.

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    I took Reg on 11/30, and my experience was nothing like any of yours so naturally – I'm starting to freak out lol.

    My 1st testlet was moderate, there were 5 or 6 questions I flagged and felt I had a 50/50 chance of getting right. The 2nd testlet, the first half of the questions felt harder but the last half were fine. I also had 5-6 questions flagged there.

    I failed Reg twice already and part of my problem is not reading the questions carefully, so it took me 2 hours to do the MCQs. I finished SIMs with 5 seconds to spare.

    The SIMs…ugh. So I had 2 that really stumped me. One of them was a question that I received before, the first time I took Reg. I'm not sure I got it right this time, it was on something from Individual Tax that I never studied in detail. And I'm really pissed at myself that I forgot about that question and never prepared. The others I felt maybe I had a chance of getting like 67-85% of the questions right on the SIMs. If I pass, I'm going to be right on the edge.

    The 1st time I took Reg, I knew I failed it by the 2nd testlet. The 2nd time, I was hopeful cause I studied harder, felt more confident, and I ended up only improving by only 1 point and still failing (despite getting Stronger rating on MCQs, Sims I was rated Weaker).

    This time I practiced mad SIMs. I probably did 100 simulation questions the week before the exam to practice, on top of redoing a ton of MCQs.

    I am just praying I did enough. I'm so scared.

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    What is DRS ?



    DRS = Document Review Simulation

    It's when there are attachments that contain key information (and some unneeded information) that you have to look at.


    my REG experience in August of last year was way different…the SIMS were hard but not like described above. Finished with 30 minutes to spare and wasn't sure what to think, scored 86. Right now, FAR is the exam that keeps screwing me over…tomorrow will be the day I find out if I'm done or retaking BEC if I failed FAR again. This is madness.

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    what topic were your sims related to?


    @TerriSilva – rooting for you for tomorrow!!!! I remember your name and posts from back when I was studying. I think you're a SoCal person like me. You've got this!!!

    Four months and out!

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