Today’s REG Exam Was Brutal

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    I worked all of the Becker questions and most of the Ninja questions until I was trending around 85 to 90% with an overall average of 82%. However the actual exam MCQs were much more complex. Section 1 started hard and section 2 was at least as hard as 1 and possibly harder. The opportunity to obtain sim points felt pretty scarce since most of them only had 5 fill in the number type questions with 6 to 8 documents to sort through. Anyhow, hopefully, some of you have better luck with the test gods.

    “Get to the chopper.”

    79 FAR-5/2019

    76 AUD-6/2019

    81 REG-8/2019

    78 BEC-2/2020

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    I took REG on 7/15 and had a similar experience. Seems like the Q3 REG exams are pretty tough (not that it's ever particularly easy).

    AUD - 79
    BEC - 82
    FAR - 79
    REG - 86

    FAR - PASSED 11/14
    AUD - TBD
    BEC - TBD
    REG - First take 2/16


    I took REG at the end of May (got a 68). Finally retook it yesterday 7/31. I felt better about it, but boy is it tough.

    There is something about a SIM that only requires number entry that is terrifying. A single miscalculation could throw the entire thing.

    Similarly, my MCQs started out AWFUL. Really difficult wording and quirky situations. Even in cases where I absolutely knew the concept and the rule, it was still difficult to identify the correct answer. The MCQs did settle down about Q20, so I feel ok overall.

    I ultimately was passing my first exam after the MCQs, and failed during the SIMs. I'm hoping I did just enough better on both ends to get over the top. If so, I'll only have BEC left (FAR 81, AUD, 80).

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