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    I took REG at the end of the last testing window and failed with a 73. I retook it today and I felt worse about it than the first time. The first time I finished with an hour to spare. This time I ran out of time and didn’t complete 3 sims. I feel very confident in the Becker material, but the exam has been a different story both times. Becker feels like sooo much information and the exam feels like just a few topics compared to the study materials. I guess passing is dependent on if you get lucky and get questions you know.

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    Yes exam only test you on few topics. Unfortunately you need to know everything well to be able to pass the exam. Just keep trying and you will pass eventually. Good luck.


    What are you getting on your practice tests leading up to it? Not sure what is considered correct strategy when running low on time, but at the very least I'm guessing you should type in 0's for sims you don't have time to finish.

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    If you are struggling on SIMS, use the becker skillmaster videos. The instructors walk you all the way through every sim they have. Those videos were way more helpful to me than anything else I did for sims.

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