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    Hi All!

    I have Reg tomorrow and was wondering besides weak areas if there were major points anyone would suggest to master before the test. It’s definitely not my first rodeo with the Reg exam and I know sims are a weak part for me which I’ll be looking for. Just wondering if anyone had insight from experience on items that notoriously pop up. Being an auditor I’d love nothing more than to put Reg behind me :).


    AUD - 78 (Surgent)
    REG - 64 (Surgent), 73 (Surgent and NINJA), 69 (Surgent and NINJA)
    FAR - TBD 12/9 (Surgent and NINJA)
    BEC - TBD

    BEC- 5/28/2016
    AUD- 7/30/2016
    REG- 5/7/2016
    FAR- 68, rematch 4/2/2016

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    Be sure to use authoritative literature on sims, even on the ones not looking to identify section/sub section.
    Good luck!

    There is no secret ingredient


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