REG on Monday, AUD today

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    Okay, so I after two months of studying REG, I took it on Monday. The odd thing about that test was it was ALOT of BL. Like a lot. I hardly got any questions with respect to corporations. Some Scorp, maybe little partnership. BUT LOTS and LOTS of BL. The TBS were reasonable. I think. I can’t even remember anymore.

    Took Audit today and likely did horrible on the MCQ’s. Every questions seemed like it had two answers that could apply. The TBS, though, I felt like I did okay. Finished them all – even the ones with 6 or 7 documents. None of which you can really “study” for. You just have to figure them out.

    Have one more testing window before FAR expires – and honestly, at this point. I only have one more season of testing in me. I am DEPLETED! Seriously – gained like 8 pounds through this process and feel pretty miserable. Reconsidering how bad I want this…..

    FAR: 81
    BEC: 80
    REG: TBD
    AUD: 71, retake today…..

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    REG wasn’t too bad but it’s one of those sections where you walk out feeling like you could’ve gotten a 65-85. I personally didn’t find audit to be a problem, but given you’ve taken it before and likely put in the work to learn the stuff you had trouble with I think you likely passed audit given how close you were on your first try. I spent about 6-7 weeks on REG so 8 would be enough to comfortably pass. Good look.

    AUD - 81
    BEC - 87
    FAR - 80
    REG - 82

    Ethics Exam - 90%
    Licensed CPA in CA

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