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    Hi, I recently took REG and I was wondering if you can still pass the CPA exam if you have missed the research question. I thought I had gotten the right answer, but it turns out it was another answer they were looking for.

    I think I did not bad on the rest of the SIMS. I was able to answer the rest of the SIMs on the greater extent

    Also, how much are the research questions worth?


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    I passed audit and I'm 100% sure that I missed the 1 research question that was on the exam. They're not worth that much so don't worry too much about it.

    AUD - 78
    BEC - 74, 79
    REG - 79
    FAR - 74, 81

    Maybe I shouldn't have made my username "Club74"

    Mujahid_ Abu Dahda

    my professor had told me once ” the research question of the cpa exams cannot make you pass or fail”. So I'm sure one research question does not worth the fuss. You can pass without answering it or fail by getting it correct. So move on to the next test and start reading. You have already passed!


    I passed and I know I got the second half of the research question wrong. Hope that gives you some relief.

    AUD: 68, 74, 83

    BEC: 68, 70, 80

    FAR: 77

    REG: 74, 78 (lost credit),  83


    OMG. Thanks guys. That's definitely a relief to hear

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