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    So i just took REG today and it went about how most people on here have said it has been going. If I had not have already read past experiences, which still passed I would probably say I got 70 (maybe). The MCQs weren’t too horrible. However, I thought there were a ton of “favorite” topics and questions that both NINJA and Becker loved to continuously repeat that never even showed up on the exam. Even the topics I knew i was gonna see were formatted in a way very different then both ninja and becker had shown them in.

    Now to the sims…..WTF was that. I don’t think they could have chosen more obscure topics or included more minute exceptions/variations to common topics even if they tried. If the research questions wasn’t in the last testlet i dont know what i would have done cause it took me a good 30 minutes to find the right answer. I maybe felt okay to good about 1 or 2 other sims and the rest I was just trying my best. What worries me the most about the sims section is on my BEC exam and my REG mocks there was always 1 or 2 sims that were question heavy (15-20+ questions) and contained a lot of selections for answers rather than straight typed in numbers. I feel like when you get to select an option you usually can know that answer for sure without actually knowing the calculation, which provides a lot more opportunity for points. However, this was not my experience on the exam which is troublesome.

    If this were a normal test with normal grading I’d think my performance was worth around a 60%, but I’m praying for the same outcome as others who have shared their experiences and some of the AICPA grading magic.

    AUD - NINJA in Training
    BEC - 96
    FAR - 92
    REG - 89
    2 to go
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    How are you doing so many MCQs in just 60/72 hours? That's impressive to me.

    Memento Mori - Kingston NY CPA & EA (SUNY Albany 2002)

    FAR-93 11/9/17 (10wks, 250 hrs, Roger 1800+ MCQs, Gleim TB 600+MCQs, SIMs)
    AUD-88 12/7/17 (3 wks, 85 hrs, Roger 1000 MCQs no SIMs hail mary)
    REG-96 1/18/18 (6 wks, 110 hrs, 1400 MCQs, no SIMs)
    BEC-91 2/16/18 (4wks, 90 hrs, 1240 MCQs)

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