REG 2019 Q1 – Testing experience with new changes

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    Hey all,

    I’ll be taking the REG exam in about 4 weeks and curious the experience was for anyone that took the exam already in Quarter 1? I’m currently working through tax season right now and most of the material I have studied so far does not seem out of left field. Looking for extra motivation to get this test out of my life in the next 4 weeks.

    AUD - 77

    BEC - 78

    FAR - 71, 71

    REG - 77

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    I just took REG last week and got pretty much what I was expecting. Big emphasis on partnership/Corporate tax, very little on individual taxation. I was wondering if I'd get anything about the QBI Deduction but didn't really get anything that was dramatically new/different from the prior study materials. Definitely if you're in tax you'll have an easier time of it, I found it pretty difficult because I work in audit, but using the Auth Lit in the SIMS may have helped me get some answers I didn't know so I'm hoping I passed.

    FAR - 94 (9/10/18)

    AUD - 91 (11/2/18)

    BEC - 95 (12/8/18)

    REG - 88 (2/8/2019)

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