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    I took REG on March 8th. In my previous 2 sections I definitely noticed the 2nd set of MC questions get harder, but I am pretty sure I did not notice the same thing during REG. To make matters worse I dont feel like I did any better on the 2nd set and I might have bombed at least one SIM. I guess my question is has anybody here passed REG without getting the more difficult set of MC questions?

    AUD - 90
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 81
    REG - 86
    Good Luck to Everyone
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    More difficult is subjective. The CPA exam's definition of more difficult does not match your strengths and weaknesses in the subject matter. That being said, it is certainly possible to pass if you got the less difficult second MCQ testlet. If you had a sim that felt completely out of left field and nothing even close to it in your study, it could be the pretest sim that does not matter in your score anyway.

    AUD - 92
    BEC - 89
    FAR - 79
    REG - 84
    "I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us." Philippians 3:14

    I passed REG and AUD with easier second sets. As long as you didn't bomb the sims you should be fine.

    FAR-81 August 2018
    REG-81 November 2018
    AUD-83 January 2019
    BEC-91 March 2019

    Don't worry. I'm pretty sure that I got a easier 2nd testlet in reg and I got a 99.
    You will pass.

    AUD - NINJA in Training
    BEC - NINJA in Training
    FAR - 95
    REG - 99
    Hi 🙂

    Dude if you're confident that you got 7 out of 8 Sims, then you don't really have to stress out as much. 1 sim is supposed to be a pretest anyway. I had to guess on like 5 Sims lol.

    Out of the 76 MCQ, 12 are pretest. I didn't notice a major shift in difficulty in the second testlet but they definitely drilled into the questions more, I did have to use my head a little more, but it wasn't like significantly harder.

    Eagerly awaiting the score release on Tuesday.

    FAR: 78*, 75
    REG: 76*, 85
    BEC: 79*, 76
    AUD: 79*, 93

    All scores expired, let's try this again.

    FAR - 78*
    AUD - 66, 79
    REG - 73, 76
    BEC - 79


    Thanks guys I feel much better.

    AUD - 90
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 81
    REG - 86
    Good Luck to Everyone

    I thought I bombed REG and got an 83. I know people say they feel like crap leaving FAR and the other ones, but REG is the one most people are pleasantly surprised by their scores with, at least from my perspective. I thought the 2nd testlet was easier, or at the very least same difficulty, I though I got over half of the sims wrong, yet somehow I got an 83 and I still don't know how. Hopefully you will have the same type of surprise with REG that I did.

    AUD: 54 (10/31/15); 83 (12/02/17)
    BEC: 70 (01/31/16); 90 (07/02/17)
    FAR: 73 (10/03/15); 88 (02/17/18)
    REG: 83 (06/09/18)
    AICPA Ethics: 91 (06/28/18)
    Licensed: 08/16/18
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