How much time or weeks spend on 2nd try?

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    Hi Ninjas,

    I know everyone’s study habit is different. But can you share with me on about how much time you would spend on 2nd or 3rd try on REG? Same amount of weeks or less? Or should I start all over again from scratch? Thanks.

    Better Late Than Never!


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    Were you above or below a 70 on your previous attempt?
    I would think if you were below a 70 I would restart from scratch because the devil is in the details.
    If you were over 70 I'd just keep hammering on the MCQs to try and freshen up on your weak areas for a retry.

    Memento Mori - Kingston NY CPA & EA (SUNY Albany 2002)

    FAR-93 11/9/17 (10wks, 250 hrs, Roger 1800+ MCQs, Gleim TB 600+MCQs, SIMs)
    AUD-88 12/7/17 (3 wks, 85 hrs, Roger 1000 MCQs no SIMs hail mary)
    REG-96 1/18/18 (6 wks, 110 hrs, 1400 MCQs, no SIMs)
    BEC-91 2/16/18 (4wks, 90 hrs, 1240 MCQs)


    @Jodie I personally increased my study time for each exam I failed. For AUD, I went from 5 weeks to 8 weeks. For BEC, I went from 3 weeks to 12 weeks. (Side note – I built in a few extra weeks because I'm studying BEC in the summer and have a few mini vacations built in to my study time. Any other time of the year I probably would've only increased my study weeks to only 6 or 8.) I also went through the material in detail all over again. However, I did start with the sections that I scored below average first. This allowed me to have more review time on those sections since I commit a day per week to review prior sections that I've covered. One thing I learned from numerous comments on this forum is that if you fail, you must study all the material over again. You don't know what topics the AIPCA will focus on for your next exam. Good Luck!

    FAR-Mar 9,2020 (failed 71), retest May 21
    BEC-Passed(I had a few stops and starts because I was studying during my busy season. Lost track of my study stats.)
    AUD-Passed(8 weeks,1877 MCQs, and 38 TBSs)-Wiley
    REG-Passed(10 weeks, 2000 MC)-Wiley
    Hank Scorpio

    I went from about 6 weeks for REG to nearly 10 on my second try. I'd say start over and methodically learn the concepts. Take a day or 2 each week to review things you have studied. You don't want to to get to BLaw and forget individual tax. Constantly rewrite your notes. It helps a TON.

    AUD - 71, 79
    BEC - 69, 74, 75
    FAR - 71, 74, 80
    REG - 74, 78

    FAR - 10/3/16
    BEC - 69 - 10/31/16
    AUD - November 2016
    REG - December 2016


    Thank you all for such valuable information. I will definitely start over from the beginning. Deep down, I know I can do it. It's just a matter of overcome my own fear and “excuses”.

    Better Late Than Never!


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