How can you tell that 2nd testlet in REG is harder?

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    I just took REG yesterday and felt uncertain about how I did. I know the 1st testlet is supposed to be moderately easy because it is designed that way. Some say if we ever get harder questions in the 2nd testlet, that means we did great in the 1st testlet. But how could we tell if the 2nd testlet is harder? By what signs? Long questions or what? Could short questions be harder questions too? Questions that require analysis? If AICPA throw us too many long MCQs, do you think that we can finish them in the timely manner? We total have 76 MCQ though!! Questions in my 1st testlet are mostly about remembering and understanding and application. Some are SHORT questions that have even one sentence only. However, in the 2nd testlet, I got about 3 SHORT but DRY questions, some longer questions that need application, and some descriptive analysis questions. So do you guys think that my 2nd testlet is harder? Could anyone who passed REG share with me how his/her 2nd testlet look like? Thanks.


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    There are no signs as there are questions on there that are pretest. It is difficult to know when it goes from medium to medium or medium to hard. All you can do is study and try your best during test time. Good luck

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    I remember after taking Reg I didn't notice a change in difficulty. To be honest, I thought both MC testlets were difficult (I flagged like 10-12 each that I thought could go either way). If your walking out of prometric and your wondering to yourself if you unlocked that second harder testlet, think back and try to remember if your second testlet had more lengthy computations- that should be a pretty good indication. Also, don't think of this as a sign of passing or failing because we don't know the impact in the end.

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    After taking all four exams I cannot believe the whole 2nd testlet is harder or not thing.
    The only test I noticed any different was on FAR and on that one I felt the second testlet was easier because the first one was insane. Both my REG sets felt like an equal difficulty.

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    Maybe the second testlet you received was actually easier than the first. You just thought it was harder because you did not know the material.
    Don’t worry about it now. You will find out in a few weeks.

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