Did I pass?

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    Took REG on Dec. 30th. This was my experience:

    1st Teslet: It felt difficult as most were conceptual questions, I flagged maybe between 6-8 Questions. Second teslet felt a little harder, and the reason I say that is because I flagged 10-12 questions.

    I am confident I got the research question right, and I know I got another sim right. So in total I should get 100% on 2 sims. However, on the 6 other sims, 1-3 correct boxes on each. They each had 4-6 boxes.

    Based on what I am saying, do I have a chance? Anyone else with the same experience and ended up passing REG?

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    Honestly the scoring on the exam is so random it's hard to ever tell if you passed or not. But I will say my most recent REG exam where I finally passed was sort of similar.

    My first testlet was stupid easy. The second testlet was a bit harder but still I only flagged 3 or 4 questions. This made me nervous. I couldn't tell if I had prepared better for MCQ this time or if I was just blowing it.

    I got my research sim right for sure, one sim I know I got all of it right, and the other 6 I felt I got at least half of the answers right. So pretty similar to you. In the end, I passed with a 79.

    But again, I wouldn't use other people's experiences too much to gauge how you might have done. The scoring feels all over the place.

    FAR - 61, 77

    REG - 63, 60, 79

    BEC - 74, 88

    AUD - 78

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