Anyone else feeling dejected after taking REG yesterday?

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    I froze up during my exam yesterday and found myself having a hard time answering questions about topics I thought I knew well. It’s depressing to know that despite having a 78% trending score on Ninja after 1600+ questions anything can happen on exam day. I feel completely defeated and am not looking forward to seeing the “no credit” in my score report next week.

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    @Gev I honestly know exactly how you feel. I left feeling defeated and had absolutely no chance of passing. The last testlet i just filled in blanks so it wouldn't be empty. Sat there for an hour and still couldn't comprehend anything. Found out yesterday I passed with a 78… so there is hope. As others say this is a journey though sometimes you get little set backs. Keep pushing!

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    Yesterday I had my first REG exam and I can relate 100% to your feelings. I have studied 11 weeks, completed 4,300 questions in Gleim and 1271 in Ninja and I found myself lost during exam. I had hard time remembering the topics I thought I knew well. I feel totally demoralized and very disappointed with my performance. The questions were ok , but the SIMS were very complex. I know I failed and it`s very difficult to pull myself together and move on.


    Was it the tax code or the Business Law questions that seemed to trip you up?

    I found that the Business Law section was simply a recap of the BLAW from my MBA, while the tax code is better learned by doing. Do 8 or 10 tax returns every season, Individuals, Schedule C's, Partnerships, etc, and you will know the basic concepts by heart.

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    Iceman, it wasn't even the Blaw questions. It was the partnership/S-corp basis questions which I studied thoroughly and thought I knew well. But for some reason, on one of the questions, I began mixing up the rules for distributions for C-corps, S-corps, and partnerships and questioning myself. These were my best topics in my Ninja MCQ module, and I panicked. This was a textbook choke on my part.


    Yes. But if it makes you feel better you're going to do much better than me. I only had like 4 weeks to study and only go through half the test bank. Expecting less than 50.

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    Let me chime in. I sat for REG in late November and I was really upset after the exam. During the exam, I felt that MCQs were okay but SIMs were horrible. I was mentally prepared to get in between 60-70. Fast forward to today and I got 78. The assessment suggested that I was stronger in MCQs while weaker on Sims. I thought that you can't be weak in either of the section if you have to pass. But here I am. So keep faith in yourself and remember that even if you didn't get this, you will recover and conquer this in time. All the best.

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    I'm over it. I don't care if I failed. I just want to know so I can re-strategize. It was tough, but so was every other exam. It's a high stress situation. It's supposed to be hard.

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    Glad you opened up this topic. I took it myself on Dec 10, and it'll be a miracle if I passed. That being said, I'm in the same boat as SuperAccountingGod where I had only started studying about a month ago and didn't finish the study material.

    The MCQ was harder than I had anticipated, and the Sims were easier than I had anticipated, which was weird because that isn't typically what I hear or read from others.

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    I’m with you guys. Those basis questions were trippy and unnecessarily confusing. And I also felt going in like I knew that stuff well. Totally relate. I also had one MCQ repeat in both testlets and that is never happened. The research question was easier than I expected. The DRS was confusing as well

    My prep was lacking so I can’t complain too much. We will find out in a few days. 😕

    Having passed it before and failing now is going to suck so bad. But what is done is done.



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    Reg is by far my worst/least comfortable exam due to the tremendous breath of content but I actually feel like I have a very good chance of passing this time.

    The MCQ felt pretty good but the Sims felt even better. There was only one sim where I was completely caught off guard but I still tried to fill in the answers (hopefully that was one of the research/test types they don't use)

    I also did a good job on regulating my time (by the way, I was always that guy in school who finished his test last……………but also usually with the highest score). Timed tests kill me because will endlessly debate and analyze possible answers in my mind if I have the time to do so.

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