Family & Friends don't Understand … but you will

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    Hi everyone… This site has been my support system ever since I started studying for the CPA. I never actually posted anything on the site but just reading other’s posts was always helpful and encouraging.

    Yesterday I got my grade for BEC and I passed! I am officially done with all four CPA tests! As much as my family and friends can celebrate with me they really don’t understand what I went through. They don’t know to what extent I slaved away for these tests. I feel that only someone who goes through can really understand it. So I want to celebrate with all of you.

    FAR- 86 11/11
    AUD- 94 01/12
    REG- 87 02/12
    BEC- 85 04/12

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    Congrats! Now on to the ethics, certification and licensing part. More fun to come 🙂


    Congratulations! The important thing is that YOU will always know what it took to pass the exam. Not many things in life will ever seem harder.

    I love hearing other's success stories because it reminds me that this test is totally doable! Thanks for the reminder 🙂


    You've done something that few in the world (comparatively) will ever do and that many a great people have tried and failed.



    These tests are totally doable!


    Wahoooo congrats!!! Party!!

    B - (4/2012)
    A - (5/2012)
    R - (1/2012) Done!
    F - (10/2011) Done!


    Congratulations. You insprire me! All you with passing scores inspire me.

    CA CPA - All because of the journey listed below
    FAR - 53('10), 8/25/12 79 PASSED!
    REG - 66('11), 69('12), 12/06/12 77 PASSED!!
    BEC - 58('10), 74('12), 01/05/13 77 PASSED!!!
    AUD - 43('11), 66('12), 69('13), 74('13) 7/29/13 85 PASSED!!!!!

    (Combinations of Roger, Yaeger, Wiley Book, Wiley TB, & NINJA Notes)

    Ethics 90%

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