What you do when you know you have passed the CPA Exam?

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    I still have three exams ahead of me which hurts even mentioning, but I keep telling myself to wait till you are completely done and have received those three letters…CPA. I am curious as to what you guys have done to celebrate passing the exam? Do you guys go on trips? Purchase yourself a nice gift? Or just go on with everyday life. Just curious…wondering mind wants to know.

    I just think WHEN im done, I will want to celebrate somehow, someway.

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    My girlfriend just passed. She spent the first couple of weeks/months enjoying her free time by doing absolutely nothing, haha. Which is probably what I would do.

    You start appreciating time to yourself where you can sit there and do nothing. The fact that you are now given the option to do nothing seems to be rewarding in itself. Currently, we as test takers don't even have that basic luxury. Also, she says it takes a while for the fact that you're done with the CPA to fully sink in.

    Now that time has passed, she's started hanging out with her friends frequently, shopping, catching up on missed movies and tv/shows, and stuff.

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    I've just been enjoying having my free time back. I had planned to do a class to become a certified skydiver, but between exams #2 and #3, my husband and I bought a house so I no longer want to spend the money on the skydiving class at the moment. I'll stick with tandem jumps for now.

    So really just enjoying the fact that if I want to sit on the couch and watch TV after work, I can now. Other than just enjoying my free time, basically just went on with my life. It got me a promotion at work so I was happy enough with that.

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