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    Hello, I have passed all four sections and I am little worried if there are necessary steps to do after passing. Do I just sit and get the other requirements done then apply license? Or is there anything that I need to do after passing the exams? Thank you!

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    No, you need to take a spiritual journey into the wilderness or go to the Himalayas or the mountains of Peru and just totally defrost and thaw and wring yourself out first.

    Seriously…assuming you have your experience hours done, and you're done with the exams, you can get your paperwork in for your license and then wait for your big ol' poster-sized
    certificate to arrive in the mail.

    I've seen this kind of question on here quite a few times. I don't think the state boards are good at telling candidates what they need to do after they finish taking the tests. It's not a real hard thing to do but not enough of them do it I guess. And, perhaps the information doesn't turn up many/any results if you try to google it. Interesting.


    Just make sure that you meet the experience requirement and the education requirement for your state, then you can apply for the license. Also, try to take a couple of weeks to relax. You earned it.

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    Depending on your state you might have to take an ethics exam.

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    You also can check your state's requirements on the Board of Accountancy site for your state. It will tell you whether your licencing is handled through the state or NASBA and you can go from there.

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    My state sent me a packet in the mail after they received my final passing score. It contained several documents that needed to be completed and returned and an explanation of the other things I still needed to do, like pass the professional ethics exam, get my CPA supervisor to sign off on my work experience, etc.

    If it's been a few weeks since you passed your last section, you may want to reach out to the state board to find out what else they need from you.

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