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    I still need to finish my ethics exam and fill out all the necessary paperwork. I know I will be getting some kind of raise or bonus for passing my exam and wanted to do some research as to how much a CPA should be getting paid. It’s a small company and I would be CPA #2 with 7 years experience. Obviously I’m not expecting to make what the Big 4 staff makes.

    I am doing some on line research but if anyone has any specific sites I can use for reference that would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks everyone!

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    I'm at a firm that gives a $1000 bonus for passing the CPA but I feel like this may be on the low end. I know Big Four gives 5k if you pass within the first year.

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    Instead of a one-time bonus, my company issues a 5K salary bump. Its not public accounting but nonetheless, I thought I would share.

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    I'd try and go after something like TripleNetAcct did… go for the raise instead of the bonus.

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    Gee you guys are lucky, at my firm we don't get a bonus or a raise for passing. We get a hearty handshake. Seriously.

    But we are paid well, I think, and the firm is quite generous in other ways. But nothing specifically tied to passing the exam.

    B: 75

    R: 80

    A: 77

    F: 81

    Ethics: 84, 92 and done!

    Licensed in California

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