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    We all know that all of these exams are brutally hard. But some are harder than others. Want to know your thoughts just out of curiosity.

    Mine is (from easiest to hardest):
    AUD < BEC < FAR

    I have not taken REG so I can’t put it on the equation yet…

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    Not one was easy! I took all twice except AUD which I barely passed! But FAR was huge! And then AUD! And REG! But heck I cleared BEC in 3rd attempt!

    AUD - 76
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 86
    REG - 83
    Nothing new! No CPA firm is hiring me!!

    My ranking from easiest to hardest.

    1. AUD (Though I got my lowest score on this one)
    2. FAR (There were a couple of areas that I could not grasp, but overall, I felt as if this section was easier than I anticipated)
    3. REG
    4. BEC (Although this section has the least amount of material, I had trouble grasping just about every subject).

    "FACT": The odds of consecutively passing all four sections of the CPA exam on the first try: 7%.

    Me: Hold my beer...

    FAR (April 2017): 75+

    BEC (May 2017): 75+

    AUD (July 2017): 75+

    REG (September 2017): 75+

    Roger + Ninja Audio/MCQ/Notes (BEC & REG)


    REG > FAR > AUD > BEC

    Just keep trying.

    B 76

    A 87

    R 84

    F 81


    From hardest to easiest:
    1. Far – the amount of material was immense. I didn't even get through the whole book the first time I studied it. I didn't push back my test but I had to cram the last two chapters using becker review. Felt completely stressed and lost. Tried my best and somehow made it out with a 76. I barely made it and during the test I thought I completely bombed it. Was the worst CPA exam and the most stressful. I took it first so yeah it was nerve wrecking. However, I am so glad I tackled it first because I didn't want to take it last and get “stuck”.
    2. Reg – This was a test I failed the first time. After passing FAR I got cocky and didn't study as much for it. Plus I was working in tax so I thought I could study less for this section. What also didn't help was that I was fasting during our religious holiday of ramadan while studying for this exam. That was why I got a 73 at the time. However, I quickly jumped back on the horse and studied incredibly hard for this test. It was very detailed (in particular the tax section). I ended up getting a 88. It wasn't as insane as far but it was definitely horrible.
    3. BEC – This was harder than I thought. Particularly the cost accounting section. IT was an unfamiliar area as well. HoweverI was able to study and pass it with a 81. It was my last test haha.
    4. Audit – for me it was easy because I was able to make educated guesses. I was involved in several audits from the very beginning to the end so I was familiar with the process of an audit and being in a smaller firm I was working on most of the accounts unlike someone working on the big four.

    AUD - 90
    BEC - 83
    FAR - 76
    REG - 73, 88

    FAR-5/31 -PASS
    REG-7/29 (TBD)


    From most difficult to least difficult:

    REG: With the entire tax code at their disposal, the AICPA can get horrifically creative on this exam.

    BEC: Took this one last. It was as if I had slain the three previous exams and whatever was left of them was combined into a single nightmarish exam that I felt way underprepared for.

    FAR: Believe. The. Hype. The volume of material covered on this exam is absurd. If you adequately prepare in each major subject area, you should be fine.

    AUD: As straightforward as it comes. Study your review materials of choice, be confident, and you shouldn't have any problems here.

    AUD - 97
    BEC - 95
    FAR - 98
    REG - 93

    I'm not sure since I took each of them multiple times to pass.

    Based on my scores from best to worst.

    REG / BEC / AUD & FAR (both 75).

    Took REG, AUD and BEC three times each. Took FAR twice.

    Licensed CPA January 2018


    REG was easiest for me since I had 3 years of experience working at a tax firm by the time I sat for it. I didn't fully understand all the business law concepts but that was only a little part of the exam
    BEC was probably the second easiest even though I failed it twice. I think its easiest just because there is not has much content covered as in the other exams. Yes the topics are all over the place and are annoying especially the IT questions, but studying for a re-take is manageable
    AUD was just a huge pain to study for.
    FAR is by far the worst. It is just so overwhelming. I got my second highest score on it, but that 2 week review right before my test was absolute hell.

    Trust the Process

    FAR - 83 Wiley
    BEC - 68 Wiley, 74 (Wiley & NINJA), 79 (Wiley, NINJA, & Becker SIMS)
    AUD - 72 Wiley, 77 (Wiley & NINJA)
    REG - 88 Wiley & NINJA



    From easiest to hardest test wise:


    Studying wise-



    Easiest to Hardest:

    I will say that REG was by far the worst to study for.

    AUD - 92
    BEC - 84
    FAR - 77
    REG - 89
    MDS CPA Review and Ninja MCQ for final review 2 weeks prior to each exam



    Testing wise: AUD<FAR<REG<BEC.

    Studying wise: AUD<BEC<REG<FAR.

    AUD - 88
    BEC - 87
    FAR - 88
    REG - 82

    B.B.A., Accounting; B.B.A., Economics


    Easiest to Hardest:


    AUD: 50, 69, 71, 77

    BEC: 80

    FAR: 79

    REG: 74, 79


    My ranking (hardest to easiest):

    REG (took 4 attempts. Probably a lot because I had no tax experience – and because it was my last one to take/pass, and I was burnt out)

    FAR (took 2 attempts; the volume of material was incredible).

    BEC (took 3 attempts; kept forgetting formulas!)

    AUD (passed on the first try. No numbers, and I just sort of “got” the material. Still hard, but my least hard/least challenging section).

    AUD - 77
    BEC - 75
    FAR - 78
    REG - 77
    Finished.  Praise be to the Almighty!
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