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    Does BEC usually have such a high pass rate?

    High compared to the others at least.

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    Usually over 50% but I've never seen in at 56%. And I thought that was the toughest exam out of the 3 I've taken.

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    It's the A71 effect, I'm sure of it.

    Is AUD the lowest because the curve is set so high with all of the 99s?

    Seems odd, if it's not curved, you would think the section that is most likely to be aced would have the highest pass rate, right?

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    It's gotta be the podcast.

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    Gerg, CPA

    well i didnt pass AUD in the 1st qtr, but passed it in the 2nd – makes sense now

    now how is REG usually in the 3rd qtr?

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    I think there is something up with audit and their simulation scoring……how do you get stronger overall for multiple choice….which means you had to have gotten at least 48-50 points out of 60 for the MCQ….Then get a 67 overall. Thats like a 40 percent on the sims……I know I did better than that…..BS….I almost want to pay the $400 to see my test….didnt they mess up last year and a bunch of people ended up passing the exam…..

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    RE: Audit I think they are weighing the simulations highest. I think its the 50/50 possibility way more often the 60/40 we have in our minds(at least I did). Bomb a few Sims and you're toast. I got comparable sims last time and weak MCQ = 74 🙁

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    How can it be 50/50? Arent they required to grade it 60-40? Or is there other literature stating otherwise?

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    I think some of yall are smoking some really amazing crack. Why would you even try to analyze how the CPA exam is graded? NO ONE KNOWS!

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    @dahebruii I read that in my Wiley textbook. They seem legit 🙂

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    I wouldn't be surprised to see BEC close to 60% in Q3.

    These rates are getting a little too high, in my humble opinion (of course I'm stating this after I've passed the exam… 🙂 ). However, I do hope that it doesn't get to a point where the CPA designation starts to lose its inherent value.

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    Q3 is going to be a killer!!!

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    Or maybe its because of the increased education requirements. People taking the exam now generally have a more education than in previous years. So that may be a reason for the increased passing scores.

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    Why do people say that FAR is the hardest exam. I know it has a lot of material, but judging by the pass rates it looks as if AUD is the most difficult. Expletive! I took FAR first thinking AUD would give me somewhat of a break before REG.

    I'm starting to realize the complexity of AUD after getting through half of Module 3 (wiley). Looks like I'll need all the help I can get.

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