Passed the CPA!

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    After a long journey (began studying in late January), I received my final passing score yesterday bringing an end to the CPA roller coaster! I am so relieved and finally feel free from this last chapter in my life. It feels incredible to cross the line and become an alumni. I wanted to say thank you to Jeff and to so many of the friends that I have made on this forum, as I do not think this process would be half as bearable without all of this forum’s advice and support. I never thought that I would see this day but I can say now that it was all worth it though no one can appreciate the accomplishment as much as another candidate who has gone through the CPA exam process can!

    Congratulations to my fellow class of 2012 CPAs! Finally crossed the finish line! To those of you who are still working towards completing the CPA exam, never give up because the feeling of being done is completely worth all of the hard work, sacrifices, self-doubt, stress, etc. etc. I feel so much more validated in my career and my knowledge in accounting than when I first began nearly a year ago. Good luck to all and congratulations to those who passed exams this quarter! I’ll still be around except now as an *~ experienced alum. 😉

    FAR 4/9/12- PASSED
    BEC 7/13/12- PASSED
    AUD 8/16/12- Ughhh 71, Rematch: 90!!!
    REG-12/6/12 PASSED

    USC MAcc- Fight on!

    They say good things come to those who wait, but only those things that are left by those who hustle.

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    Awesome job! I knew you'd pass REG, especially after reading how extensively you prepared.

    Also, you should post on this thread:

    I know you think you're cool and deserve your own thread, but you're not. Just kidding!! But congrats on being done with this test. Enjoy the holidays and whatnot.


    What study course did you use, if you don't mind me asking?

    FAR: July 2016



    Congrats …!!! We started the journey pretty much the same time 🙂 … And we crossed the finish line at the same time … What a wonderful feeling ha..!!!!

    Wake up in the morning without having to think of study for Cpa is so cool…:)

    @ag12man .. I used Becker … I think Becker is great .. Work well for me ..!



    Congrats! Which course did you take to prepare for CPA?

    I used becker to read the material and for mcqs – wiley test bank. REALLY struggling with bec and far. Passsed audit with 81. What do you recommend? Thanks..



    The forum seems split 50/50 between Becker and Yaeger as far as review/study courses go. It seems some are huge advocates of Becker and some are huge advocates of Yaeger. At this point, I'm assuming I should just choose one and go hard and put in the hours of preparation. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    FAR: July 2016

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