Passed in PA…but am I screwed?

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    PA resident here. I got my last score in today and I’ve officially passed all four parts, so I hope I am done with this exam forever — but perhaps I am not. I might have made a huge mistake.

    I took an unconventional route into accounting — logistics undergrad, finance grad school, and no attest experience to speak of. I work in financial reporting. And sadly, PA still has that miserable 400 hour attest requirement on the books.

    I was under the impression that you had to pass all 4 exams within an 18 month period, but once you have done that — your credit would not expire and I could get my experience over a period of 1-2 years after passing the exams. Now I’m wondering if I’ve been misinformed.

    If I don’t have the attest experience satisfied and become fully licensed by 18 months after the first exam I passed, am I going to have to retake these exams in PA?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    In CA once you pass the 4 in 18 months, they never expire. You should check with your board. I would assume a similar situation.

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    Thanks, I intend to tomorrow (didn't see my score until after business hours).

    Actually just got off the phone with a rep from NASBA since they're based in a different timezone, and she said she was unaware of any expiration date once all four exams have been passed — so I think I am good.

    But thanks for the reply, I almost had a mini panic attack there.

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    You're welcome… we all do that sometimes! Congratulations on passing all 4!

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    Gerg, CPA

    i'm also a PA resident. you are good. you have plenty of time to get the experience. i think it's 5 years to get 1600 hours (400 attest) if you have 150 credits or more, and 10 years to get 3200 hours (800 attest) if you have more than 120, but obviously less than 150

    And there is a proposed revision to the experience requirement pending w/ the pa legislature. i believe they're going to vote on it in early 2013. it would eliminate the attest requirement, which would be awesome

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    Gerg, CPA

    and if you've passed all 4 parts w/in the 18 month period, they do not expire. not sure what happens if you don't get the work experience, but as i said, you have plenty of time

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