Passed all parts the 1st try.. Can't pass DMV driving test the n'th time

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    It feels very depressing especially that this is one of the factors needed for me to find a job. ;(( BTW, I’ve been looking for a job a couple of months now and it seems like my resume is as ignored as it was before passing all the exams. Life sucks big time in times like this!

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    I think you need to practice more on driving. You gotta get someone who will drive along side of you. Wake up early in the morning and just drive around the streets. There are usually specific guidelines with how the testers grade you like looking backwards when you do a lane change. Adjusting your mirrors. Knowing all of your functional gauges. Study up on these. Its really hard to fail unless you make numerous mistakes.

    As for the job, just be patient and make sure your exam grades stand out on your resume. Put it in BOLD if you have to. Some HR people are so ignorant and go straight to your job experience. So make sure they know you've passed all your CPA exams.

    P.S. Averaging a 91 on your CPA exams is nothing to be depressed about. If you want depressing, read some of the posts on here. 🙂

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    Have you tried revisiting your resume? I'm sure you could find a friend or a profession could help you out.

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    I've tried exactly to give emphasis on my CPA exams grades in my resume(bold letters) because I actually have only minimal work experience(2 months to be exact). We never had internships and OJT's during my school days because in my home country or perhaps in my alma mater, CPA exams scores are everything no matter what your GPA is. If you have an outstanding ranking during the PH CPA Exams, the big 4 will be hunting you. I found it very different in here because they tend to give a threshold of minimum 3.0 gpa even if not big 4.

    It feels like after these rigorous exams I'm still in an awkward situation in which I can't qualify for internships because I'm not anymore a student and yet I can't qualify in most entry-level position which usually requires at least a 1 year work experience.

    I'm still hoping that something positive would happen. ;(

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