Passed all 4! How do i incoporate this new achievement into my resume?

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    Any Ideas? Should I put my scores and dates I passed? Or just say – Passed all four CPA Exam in Connecticut?

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    I'm going to just add the letters to my signature at the top, unless you're applying before you get your number and pay your fee then I would just put “Passed exam” and maybe the date passed. Just me. I wouldn't put your scores unless you think that will help.

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    Found an old post that addressed my exact question:

    But, I was leaning towards what you said and what the older post said. Just putting that I passed all four parts of the Connecticut uniform CPA exam under Certifications.

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    DO NOT put a CPA designation next to your name if you don't have your license number in hand. You're not allowed to do that. Plus it is so easy to look up licenses online (license search with your state board) that potential employers/HR people will do it. So you don't want to put anything misleading/inaccurate on your resume. From a person who reviews resumes and does hiring, I hate it when I find fudges on resumes. It just begs me to question the applicant's maturity and moral character. Not good for someone aspiring to be an accountant or auditor, right?

    Putting scores is not necessary and probably not wise (70's – You barely passed? 90's – Are you bragging?). Only do it when asked, for instance, if you're filling out an application and there is a section that asks for the scores specifically.

    I'd advise you to put something short and simple. Under the Certifications heading on your resume, something like the sample below will suffice. You can even put an expected date if you're confident but it is not necessary. I see the following a lot and I know exactly what is going on when I see it.

    “CPA in process. Passed all four parts of the CPA exam. Pending licensure in the state of Connecticut.”

    If the potential employer wants proof, they'll ask for it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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