Passed all 4 exams. What now?

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    So I just passed all 4 sections (praise the Lord). I am not sure what my next step would be. Like do NASBA mail us hardcopy of score sheet? Any additional step I should take to register or something?

    ps congrats to those who passed

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    Take ethics exam from aicpa website, after which your state board should send you a certificate with a #, use that # to apply for your license with the state licensing agency.

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    I have similar question. What is the next process after passing the exam? Do we get any certification?
    Also, how do we update our linkedin profile with CPA exam pass, before getting License?


    Some states don't require the ethics exam. Your board should send a letter with next steps, or you can go to their website and start hunting down the information.

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    Literature I've read indicates that instructions are bundled with the formal congratulatory letter. NASBA's website indicated that for Q3 exams, letters will be sent out by October 15, so I think the immediate next step is to sit tight.

    Bottom section of the page on congratulatory letters:

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    Check your state board's website for details and instructions.

    I took my ethics exam while I was waiting for the Q3 release. I already had my supervisor sign off on hours and experience. I was ready to go, all I had to do was write out my check. I dropped my application for my license into the mail yesterday.

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