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    Welcome to the “I Passed the CPA Exam” thread for CPA Candidates who are DONE and have their Life Back.

    AUD - 79
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 76
    REG - 92
    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
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    I can't believe I'm done!!!! OMG I finally did it!!!!!!!

    The nightmare is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FAR - 9/8/16 (Hopefully it's my last CPA exam, God bless me!)
    REG - 80
    BEC - 81
    AUD - 69, 81


    OMG Finally done! Can't believe it after harsh 6 month period….

    AUD - 95
    BEC - 87
    FAR - 93
    REG - 87
    My nick name is Sunshine but the fact is that I have never been in touch with it since I started studying for this CPA exam. I KNOW It HURTS!

    My Nick name is sunshine, but the fact is I have not been in touch with it since I started this CPA exam! IT HURTS

    AUD - ✔ Passed Becker self study!
    BEC - ✔ Passed Becker self study!
    FAR - ✔ Passed Becker self study!
    REG - TBD


    4 for 4 on first tries thanks to NINJA!

    Felt like I failed REG by a point or 2, as I knew I missed 10 questions which I considered easy on the MCQ – and the SIMs were a nightmare. I somehow pulled an 83, while I have said “somehow” every score release but Ninja never let me down. 80+ on all 4. Big shout out to CPAExcel also, was good to get in depth enough on all the lessons for those curveball questions.

    Ordered my xbox one.. scheduling the celebration dinner and getting to see my girlfriend to the fullest who I met shortly after starting this journey.

    FAR - 84! (1/09)
    AUD - 82! (4/09)
    BEC - 91! (5/23)
    REG - TBD (9/03)

    Controller at Volkswagen
    2:52 marathoner at Boston in 2016!



    AUD - 76
    REG - 86
    BEC - 76
    FAR - 9/3/16


    Finally done.

    FAR - 88
    AUD - 86
    BEC - 82
    REG - 73, 70, 82

    FAR (Apr 2015) - 88
    AUD (July 2015) - 86
    BEC (Oct 2015) - 82
    REG - 73, 70, retake Sept 2016


    Phew. Graduated 17 months ago now. All said and done, I failed each test once, but I would attribute 2 of those failures to getting all 4 exams on one NTS and burnout. Once I began using Ninja MCQ as my primary, I rattled off 3 in a row with 88, 89, 88.

    Congrats to everybody.

    FAR- 74, 78 (10/2015)
    BEC- 73, 88 (09/02/2016)
    REG- 68, 88 (05/27/2016)
    AUD- 58, 87 (07/21/2016)
    Done and done!

    FAR- 74, 78 (10/15)
    BEC- 73
    REG- 65, 88 (05/16)
    AUD- 7/16


    It's finally over. Passed all 4 the first time.

    Ninja MCQ really helped. Looks like CPAExcel combined with Ninja MCQ works pretty well for most people. I really felt doing all of CPAExcel's questions once while reading the textbook and then doing all of Ninja MCQs as review helped to solidify all the material into my little brain. This forum is a great resource too; posters' tips and exam experiences. Otherwise, if you don't know other people taking the exams, it's often hard to gauge if you are under or overstudying.

    Now to worry about the licensing requirements….and finding a new job.

    FAR- 88- 6/16- (Ninja Avg. 74%)
    REG- 89- 7/16- (Ninja Avg. 77%)
    AUD- 95- 8/16- (Ninja Avg. 81%)
    BEC- 82- 9/16- (Ninja Avg. 75%)
    [Wiley CPAExcel + Ninja MCQ]

    Finally licensed.

    FAR - June 2016 - 88
    REG - July 2016 - 89
    AUD - Aug 2016 - review phase currently
    BEC - Sep 2016 -

    Wiley CPA Excel & Ninja MCQ


    Feeling overwhelmed posting here. Finally my year long journey is over. There were many ups and downs but this forum always helped me get back up and push harder. I used CPAexel book and NINJA software. Hands down NINJA MCQ prepares you really well. Now I can enjoy other things and have my life back. definitely time for vacation. I wish all the future CPA best of luck.

    AUD - 80
    BEC - 86
    FAR - 77
    REG - 84
    Hardwork will always pay off!

    FAR: 71, 77!
    AUD: 69, 80
    BEC: 72
    REG: 84


    I'm finally done. After 3 years and multiple failures – I have finally passed all sections.

    Congrats to all!

    AUD - 76
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 77
    REG - 85

    I am DONE!!!!!! 4 out of 4, 5 months of hell, studying everyday, but it worth it!
    Congrats everyone and good luck with your carrier!!!


    I am done!!! I have to say this forum was a lot of help in getting through this process. I started studying for FAR back on February 2015 and took the exam in October 2015. I decided to tackle the “most difficult” section first to get it out of the way and so I took my time before taking the exam. I wanted to make sure I passed on the first try, which I did. Then, I tackled what I thought would be the second most difficult which was REG (since I work as an auditor). I studied for 3 months prior to taking the first attempt. Sure enough it took me 2 attempts. After REG, I tackled AUD in about 3 months, then BEC in about 3 months. I am 40 with 3 kids and a full time job as an auditor. My third child came into the world during my BEC study. I feel very accomplished with what I was able to do with everything going on in my life. Thanks to this forum for insight into the CPA exam.

    My order of the sections were as follows:

    FAR – 79 Roger
    REG – 73 then 75 Roger and Ninja
    AUD – 78 Roger
    BEC – 82 Roger


    I was planning on checking it in the morning yesterday, but I end up woke up at 1:05 without any alarm. I passed the last part with an 81, and of course, cannot sleep at all. The perfect news to end our Cape Cod vacation. OMG, it is done, I cannot believe it. Now we can have babies, 🙂

    Far, 64 82
    Reg, 60 86
    Aud, 74 82
    Bec, 70 81
    Done done done! I did it!!!
    Licensed CPA in MA, issued October 2016

    Far 10/26/2015, 64, 1/4/2016, 82
    Reg 7/10/2015, 60, 2/27/2016, 86
    Aud, 5/9/2016, 74 (ouch), 7/26/2016, I cannot wait to take this test again
    Bec, 6/10/2016, 70,9/8 retake


    I'm a long time A71 lurker. I registered for the forum just to immortalize my accomplishment so it does not disappear in the ether:

    FAR 73;80 (2/18/2014;7/31/2015)
    AUD 87 (11/20/2015)
    REG 80 (5/20/2016)
    BEC 79 (9/6/2016)

    Andrew T

    Feels so great to be done. Everyone on my team at work knew I was getting my score Monday night and that it could be my last one. Didn't say anything the next morning so they assumed I failed. My boss was scared to ask me about it but when she finally did people ran in congratulating me and a flood of emails came in from all the partners.

    Now it's time to figure out what to do with my free time.

    FAR (2/29/16) - 84
    AUD (5/9/16) - 68; (7/16/16) - 90
    BEC (6/10/16) - 80
    REG (9/8/16)


    Fivehurdles is done! Can't believe it – was so sure I failed FAR a second time but passed it with a 78. All hurdles are now complete.

    51 years old. Started working on my fifth year back in 1998. CPA eligible in 2009. Stopped and started and lost credit on exams two previous times. Convinced myself that I was already a Controller and I didn't need a CPA. Finally got ticked off in August of 2015 after a missed job opportunity due to my lack of the designation. A really good job.

    2011 Results:
    BEC 65 83
    AUD 57
    FAR 30 (Can you get any worse) (11/10)
    REG 70

    2015-16 Results:
    BEC 78
    AUD 77
    REG 76
    FAR June 10

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