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    My name is Paul and I have never been a great student by any means. In my first accounting course I scraped by with a C- and got left back a semester in English to only make my accounting courses start later in my schooling. I suffered through depression during my Freshman and Sophomore year and I never felt like I had a good base of knowledge to continue accounting. I continuously managed to narrowly pass classes and then the end of my 4th year of college came up. I made the decision to take an extra year post undergrad and get my MS in Accounting as well as a Forensic Accounting certificate. Unfortunately, my school made us pay for Becker and I did not want to lose out on the money spent for the program. I started working when I was 13 and have been working ever since. I am 23 now. I always had that attitude when I start something I will finish it. I started in May for my first exam, BEC. I worked full time from 8-5 with an hour lunch I used to study. I would go home every weeknight and study from 6-11. On the weekends I would study from 8:30am-5:30pm. It was like another job. I would see my friends on the weekends. I took my first exam on July 3rd. The next exam I took I took Auditing. This is by far my worst subject of accounting. I took auditing the first time under the same schedule and took the exam in August. I failed with a 66. I did not think I would pass, because I rushed through a difficult subject for me. Right after the exam, I started to study for REG. Under the same study schedule I was able to get a grasp for what I was doing. I took this exam in October. Then once again I started studying right away. At this point, after REG, I learned I had passed BEC, but failed AUD. I did not care I failed Audit, I continued along with FAR. I took FAR in December. I decided to take December and half of January off, because by this time i had put in over 1,400 hours within a 6 month span. I spent time with friends, family, and whoever just wanted to hang out. This was the push I needed. Late December I learned I had passed REG with a 77, but failed FAR with a 71. Late January I knew I wasn’t going to have enough time to dedicate to both subjects, so I took Audit mid February. I took the chance and took FAR, because I didn’t mind paying the $300 to sit with the chance I pass. I took Far on Mar. 6th. It was a nice March 7th with no worries in the world. March 8th I get my Audit results and i passed with a 77. Today I checked my scores for FAR and passed with an 84.

    This journey I never thought I’d reach. I’d never thought I was smart enough to do it. And honestly, I still don’t think I am “Smart” enough. But what I do know is that dedication and finding that drive to continuously push yourself to be better will really keep you going. Focus on the end goal and always strive to keep going. No matter how mentally drained or tired you are, you can do it. You can pass this exam!!


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    @Paul: What an inspiration you are! Thank you for sharing! You actually make it sound as though it was an easy process, but it goes without saying that your diligence & determination paid off.

    Working from 13 – 23, going to school & studying for CPA, you have been one busy, young man. Kudos! Pat yourself in the back!


    Winners don't quit. Quitters don't win.

    FAR - < than 75, 10/2013, 2/2015
    BEC - < than 75, 10/2013
    AUD - < than 75, 8/2015, 1/2016

    ~ Winners fail until they succeed. Losers quit when they fail. - Robert Kiyosaki
    ~ I survived because the fire inside burned brighter than the fire around me.
    ~ Something will grow from all you are going through. And it will be YOU.
    ~ Right now you may not be where you intend to be, but it's where you need to be in order to get where you want to go.


    It must be nice to be 23 and have everything completely figured out. Lucky you!! Most of us don't have that luxury. Some of us even remotely.

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