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    Just got the news tonight that I passed my final section!!! However, I am unsure of my total education credits. Does the state board of accountancy send you sort of like a next step notice, telling you what you need to do to be officially certified?


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    Congrats! I passed my last section as of this past Wed as well and it feels great.

    We should be getting a letter from NASBA (which on their site says will be mailed around 4/15) and that tells you what your next steps will be.

    I actually sat for the exams prior to 150 and emailed NASBA to ask what I do after completion:

    “After earning the additional 30 credits for MA, would all I have to do is ask my school to send you a transcript to the address below? Would I have to fill out any additional paperwork OR mail in anything else? I had 120 hours when I initially applied and have been sitting for the exams with that.”

    Are you trying to determine your eligibility for licensure? If so, once you have passed all four sections, you will need to apply for an academic education evaluation via
    And then submit your new transcripts.

    Hope that helps!

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    How are you doing? Congratulation!
    I passed my last exam on March 20 too. I don't get anything from NASBA. Many people told me I should get a letter from NASBA but I never got one.
    I started to do the research by myself how to appy for Mass license. I start to gather document to submit to the Mass eportal.
    How your application process so far?



    Congratulations! So i talked to NASBA and because of COVID they were unable to send physical copies of the congratulatory letters. If you email with your candidate ID you can request an electronic copy.

    I still need a few more credits to be officially licensed, so i can't really speak on the rest of the application process, but at least the hard part is out of the way!


    Thank you so much. I will do that.

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