kobebryant168 is officially done with this CPA exam, sharing my experience

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    Hello guys

    I would like to first thank you all the a71 bloggers and members for all the support throughout these 2 years. Without your encouragement and studying advice there’s no way that I can get this done today. Of course, I wanna thank JEFF the boss for his wonderful videos and NINJA notes! He recommended the Wiley Test Bank to me that helped me tremendously working on my MCQs.

    Thank you Becker, Roger, Wiley, Gleim, CPAreviewforfree, I supplemented with diff. materials becoz I desperately wanted to pass this beast.

    A few tips or my experience for each of the section that I took:

    AUD: memorize different kinds of audit report, basically you need to master the whole book and you need some solid foundation of financial accounting. The sims, you definitely need to have common sense.

    BEC: Make sure your writting skills are good and this is crucial. I passed because I write good emails usually (haha)

    FAR: I skipped 3 chapters, still managed to pass. (The sims were like crazy but if you countered some that are humanly impossible, meaning you should be passing this exam)

    REG: My worst nightmare among all, don’t skip the business law part at all (The sims that I just had were humanly impossible and few of them were totally irrelevant to my studies at all, I dare to say that I left them blank or just putting zeros in the boxes) Guess what, on my scoring report, I got comparable on the simulations, scratching my head and I was extremely sad when I walked out the exam and I ended up passing!

    I learn alot from Jeff here, I m really thankful that he developed this forum and many people got benefits from this site for sure.

    Thank you another71.com, time for my celebration!

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    Congrats Kobe!!!

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    mena je twa

    Greta job Kobe!!! All the best

    I think what did for you was the hiring of Mike D' Antoni and firing of Brown:)_ Lakers winning the last one against the mavericks even though Steve Nash was out…..

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    One question, why did you say not skipping bussiness law? I'm not skipping it but I focus more on Tax this time around.


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    passing is grrrrrrrreat!

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    Passing Confirms Money

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    @forever 4

    Some people believed that Tax is the main focus, and business law is not that important

    Even tho my entire exam had so tiny amount of law questions, by doing them wrong on the actual exam can cause huge damage and I failed two times because I scored weaker in b-law

    Do not underestimate b-law, I hate them but because i have overcome b-law finally, I pass this time 🙂

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    Nicely done, Kobe! Glad to hear from you.


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