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    I passed my final exam, FAR, it feels surreal. I failed out of college as an accounting major in my junior year. I ended up getting a degree in general studies. After graduating I had to take online courses to have enough credits to even sit for the CPA exam. I convinced myself for years that I didn’t need the CPA license in my career but deep down I knew it was something that I wanted personally. I have essentially been a “C” student my whole life always scoring average in standardized tests. I passed all of the CPA exams first try by doing one thing: 1,200-1,500 MCQ’s in NINJA and nothing else. I respect those who take the exams 10 times much more than those who complete it in the first try as they show true grit. If I have one piece of advice for anyone wanting to conquer these exams: I went into each test with a warrior mindset; I was nervous as hell but I went into each test totally convinced that I would ultimately come out on top. Get it out of your head that FAR is the hardest; I personally feel that AUD was the hardest and that FAR was easier than REG. If you go into the exam with these preconceptions then you have already lost points. The CPA exam is not one size fits all; each section is attainable given an adequate amount of preparation and a can’t-lose mindset.

    BEC - 86
    REG - 86
    AUD - 75
    FAR - TBD on 9/19/17
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