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    Hi all!

    Short story…I started taking the exams right out of school back in 2009 and passed them all except one (REG) which I failed multiple times. Due to a bad strategy on my end all exams ended up expiring.

    I was working in BIG 4 at that time but ended up moving to a much smaller metro area and pretty much just forgot about the idea of getting a CPA. I ended up pursuing other (non work) interests.

    However, As I wanted more progression in my career I once again realized the CPA was necessary.

    Key pointers for success:
    Study the hell out of your weak point! Since all my exams were expired I studied for REG for about 4 months before taking it because I was honestly intimidated by it from prior bad experiences . I had the mindset of wanting to understand every detail about every subject within REG. It almost became an obsession and I created all kinds of notes and outlines. I devoted a minimum of 2.5 hours per day and probably missed very few if any days in those 4 months. Once I passed that exam I knew I was home free. As you can see, that was by far my highest score of any.

    It’s always possible my friends (even if it is 10 years later)


    REG - 93 90% Gleim MCQ/book + 10% Wiley MCQ

    BEC - 79 100% Wiley MCQ/book

    FAR - 88 100% Gleim MCQ/book + Ninja Audios

    AUD - 85 100% Wiley MCQ/book + Ninja Audios

    Licensed CPA as of 2019

    CMA Pt 1  400  100% Gleim MCQ/book

    CMA Pt 2  Pending Score

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    Way to go, Phil! Persistence and hard work always pays off. It may not be the first time around, but eventually you’ll get what you deserve. God bless!

    AUD - 96
    BEC - 88
    FAR - 95
    REG - 93
    Through God, I can accomplish anything.

    Congrats, Phillip! It's always a great feeling when your hard work and persistence pays off.

    AUD - 85
    BEC - 84
    FAR - 82
    REG - 78
    Ethics - 95
    Licensed in IL & MO

    AUD - 56 - 68 - 61 - 9/8/16
    REG - 75
    FAR - 7/15/16
    BEC - TBD

    Wiley CPAexcel and NINJA 10 Point Combo

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