Finally Something to be Thankful For!

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    I have read many peoples stories on this site and I just felt today would be a great day to share mine. Mostly because this is the first time in 7 years I will not have to study through the holiday season(one of the big things I am very thankful).
    Within these 8 years I have got my Associates, Bachelors, and Masters in Accounting (all while working full time), passed the CPA exams, and now passed the California ethics exam.
    I officially started studying for the CPA exams in November 2015 pretty much right after finishing my last class for my Masters degree. I did not do well for my first test but I did get a 70 on FAR so I knew it was possible. I half a**ed studying for my first go around not realizing what I really needed to put in to pass, I failed 6 exams which did not lower my spirits but really pissed me off. Finally after discovering the forum and talking to a few co-workers at my previous job I decided I needed to put a type of tracking plan together. I built this crazy excel spreadsheet where I could track my progress and just keep myself in line. With this new attitude I finally passed BEC in February 2017. Using the same tracking method I then passed the other exams. I just have to point out I passed by spelling B.A.R.F. and I think that helped. HAHA!
    After finding out I passed the last exam in September 2017 ( I was on vacation), I started the paper work process in late September. I sent in the Initial Application and everything else I could still within September. I also at this time had to reach out to my former manager to get him to sign off on my experience. Took sometime but they sent that in October. I started taking the ethics exam in early October. I failed the first two times. Until again something clicked and I knew I had to track the questions. And I passed on my third try with a 92%.
    We all have different timelines but we are all on the same journey. It took me longer than I wanted it to but I freaking finished one of the most important goals I set out for myself. If you are ever struggling I would suggest just talk to people, either on here or at your workplace someone will eventually say something to you that will make everything click together to get you those passing scores.

    FAR-70, 63, 75!!!!
    BEC-71, 78!!!!!!!!!!!
    REG-57, 75!!!!!
    I am done!!!!!

    California ethics, took 3 tries passed with a 92%

    AUD- 72, 71, TBD (now i am pissed no more messing around)
    FAR-70 retest-11/28/16

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    I needed this kind of positivity in my life right now. Thank you for sharing your story. What a way to celebrate Thanksgiving 🙂



    BEC- PASS (Expiring in DEC 2017)

    REG- PASS (Expiring Feb 2018)

    AUD- PASS (Expiring Oct 2018)

    FAR- 65, 60, 59, 77!!! -GOD BLESS

    If I can do it, anyone can do it!



    congrats!!!! must be the best feeling ever. Happy holidays, enjoy them without studying for the rest of us.

    BEC - 78
    AUD - 75
    REG - 64, 77
    FAR - 73, 73, 73, 82
    Ethics: 74, 84, 98
    Finally done after 23 months.

    Congratulations. Well Deserved Celebration . Hard work always pays








    Congratulations! I am in CA. It took me 3 times to pass the ethics exam too. 🙂

    CPA/ MST/ Roger CPA Review

    FAR 72,67,79 (Roger+Wiley test bank)11/15
    AUD 80 (Roger)10/15
    BEC 80 (Roger)4/16
    REG 63,78 (Roger+Ninja MCQs)5/16


    Congrats~! Happy thanksgiving!

    AUD - 83
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 83
    REG - 78
    BEC - 80 (Roger + NINJA MCQ + WTB)

    FAR - 72; 83 (Roger + NINJA MCQ)

    AUD - 83 (Roger + NINJA MCQ + WTB)

    REG - 52; 78 (Roger + NINJA MCQ)

    Ethics - 68, 96 (how I dislike you)
    This forum is more addictive than drugs. Still returning after licensure.

    Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved - Helen Keller


    BEC 80 (10/23/15)
    FAR 72 (4/2/15); 83 (7/11/16)
    REG 52 (4/28/15)
    AUD (9/9/16)

    Roger + NINJA MCQ + WTB


    @Ash – Congratulations! What were some of your study techniques that helped you pass?


    Congrats! You made it!!!! I just took my AUD. Hope i passed it! Happy thanksgiving everyone !

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