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    Just wanted to post a quick note to all on the forum.. On November 4th (eyeball trick) i found out i passed my last section of the CPA exam.. This was after 4 years of taking section after section and having failure after failure.. I worked full time as a staff accountant for a public accountant firm.. have 3 kids and a husband.. My plate was full! I started with Becker first and this year decided to supplement with Ninja..
    I would like to thank Jeff for his program. It definitely helped me to finally pass!

    To everyone studying …. Keep going.. NEVER quit… I received my license number today and i feel overwhelmed with emotion to finally be completely done!

    AUD - 80
    BEC - 85
    FAR - 78
    REG - 77


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    Congrats, I hope to some day have that same feeling!


    Congrats Heidi!

    AUD - 79
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 76
    REG - 92
    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review

    Lovely! Congrats!

    AUD - 78
    BEC - 76
    FAR - 80
    REG - 77
    FAR 57,61,57,56,68, 80

    REG 53,49,69,66, 79*,77

    AUD 39,66,72,73,66,70,78!!Final

    BEC 64,60,50,70,67,71,76

    "Theres no limit unless you allow it"



    Thank you for the encouragement.

    I have also worked with full time at public accounting. But I am single.

    Sometimes I find that it is so difficult and painful to work at public at busy hours and to study exams at the same time. Compared with mine, yours is harder and longer time to take exams. Your example is also encouraging me to carry on.

    Thank you friends.

    Have good faith in yourself on the way of studying CPA exams😄
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