Change of name in Marksheets after clearing the CPA exams

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    Hello all,
    I am faced with the most weird situation. I need to change my name in my Masters and Bachelors marksheets. My dad’s name is Henry as printed on the Marksheets which should be changed to just H as my middle name. I am scared to do that as the marksheets have been submitted to NASBA evaluator. I have already cleared my exam and am applying for my license.

    Can anyone help me understand the consequences of this change in relation to NASBA? What documents do I need to submit to them to prove that the marksheets are the same as submitted earlier.

    Many thanks in advance.
    Jui Buch

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    Ask NASBA

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    There is nothing to be scared of. It will make life more complicated but it happens. Bring this up to NASBA.

    If this is a legal name change, most likely they will ask for your legal name change paperwork or an updated copy of your SSN card (assuming your are an American).

    If this is a name correct, most likely they will ask for copies of your passport and SSN (whatever paperwork that show the correct name).

    Chances are, if you have a SSN, your paperwork is actually linked to your SSN, so unless your SSN changed then it will just be there.

    This is more common than you think. Maiden name change, married name change, name with a space, mother didn't change last name while married, family member have different last name because they are male / female, very common.

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