Can you apply for CPA liscense before getting congratulatory letter?

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    Hi, I recently completed all 4 parts of the CPA exam and would like to get lisenced ASAP. I already have completed the one year experience requirement for New York. Can I apply for the liscense before receiving the congratulatory letter? Also should my supervisor submit the experience form while I submit my initial application? Thanks in advance.

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    Cheeks Malone

    Yes you can. Just make sure you're following the checklist for your state. Submit all of your docs at once so you don't get deficiencies in your application package, which will delay NASBA in the QC process.

    Then wait several months. I submitted in September and I'm on the agenda for the Colorado board meeting tomorrow (3 months).

    I also suggest calling and following up with NASBA after every status email they send you. I did that (even when there was no issue) every time I got an email. My application was processed slightly faster by NASBA because I called so many times.

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    It takes time for all the “pass files” to be processed and your specific application containing the application, education, and scores are usually not mailed to the boards until all pass files are processed, and those congratulatory letters are sent after that has happened. So, the board will probably say they are missing your scores and education, then you would just be waiting for your coordinator to send that info to the board.


    I had applied to my state board 2 weeks before I got my congratulatory letter.

    I also showed up as a licensed CPA on a week before my own state board let me know I was a licensed CPA. I thought that was a little weird.

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    NYS is currently running about 2 months on processing of applications.
    Check out the NYS Approval time thread.
    Send in your Form 1 with documents as soon as possible, and have your supervisor send in Form 4B as soon as possible as well.
    NASBA will eventually send your stuff. It took exactly 1 day from my final passing score release until NY got my final score, but I was hounding them.
    I went the 15 year pathway so all of my information/application was already approved by the board, just pending passing scores.
    I was licensed before my congratulatory letter arrived in my mailbox.

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