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    Hi Guys! Does accounts payable experience in a public corporation count towards CPA certification requirements?

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    In most states yes. Check on your board’s website.

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    It depends on the circumstances of your position and the state. In my state, it might not; they require your supervisor to hold the CPA license.

    I've pretty much found that the majority of people in private industry/corporate let their license lapse to escape the massive CPE fees charged by the state.

    I passed the exam many years ago, but have found myself unable to fulfill the work experience requirement.

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    Tried to rebut this point in another thread, too. But the fees are massive. You can get free CPE if you're that strapped for cash.

    Good employers surely provide continuing education. If your employer doesn't, move to one who does.

    Also, never been a better time in my four decades in profession to be a CPA. Even if you have to pay for CPE yourself, look at the giant ROI you should be getting. Not the cost of some CPE program.

    I don't really remember my CPA exam scores. I've been a CPA for decades... I run a four CPA firm in Redmond WA. I'm the author of a bunch of books about small business accounting including QuickBooks for Dummies and Quicken for Dummies.
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