WANTED ADVICE – From those who once failed

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    Hey ALL,

    Just received my third failing score. I am currently 0-3 on three different sections. 69, 72, 70. I would like to hear from those of you that have come back from failures. I would like to know what I should do differently because it is not a lack of effort, I've put in 100s of hours. Did those of you that failed and then passed do something differently your second time around?

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    Please don't think I am not sympathetic because I am understanding of your plight but perhaps you can check out any one of the 30 other topics in this very forum that ask this exact same question instead of starting number 31…

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    I don't have a story of success. I just wanted to say that I am right where you are. It is hard, but I am trying to keep the faith also.

    BEC 71,77
    REG 65,85
    FAR 7/1/13
    AUD 8/24/13

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    Change your study material until you find the right fit. I started out with the CD Becker (firm paid) and while that is probably a great material for some, it wasn't for me. I just could not pass Aud & Far. I think I was so worried about getting the "homework" done and uploading it to stay current that I wasn't focused on learning the material. I went and bought Gleim and studied from the book and I think I bought some old Becker flashcards for Audit as well.

    My BEC & REG credits expired while waiting to pass AUD & FAR. Once I passed AUD & FAR I was determined to pass if I killed myself doing it. I purchased Wiley & the Yaeger review for my passing REG last month.

    I see all these posts that say "you have to give up your life" and whatnot. But I didn't always do that. I still attended family functions, so long as it wasn't right before a test. I studied on the road (while my husband drove) when we went out of town. Let me tell you, after a long road – it feels so good to pass. So imagine telling everyone you are done… Good luck!

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    here was my technique:

    -watch becker video

    -do becker multiple choice homework

    -only go through homework once, leave the ones you missed for later

    -complete this for whole course

    -reread ENTIRE becker book

    -go back through multiple choice and do the ones you missed the first time around.

    -take a bunch of progress tests within becker HW that track which sections you're doing the best in.

    -after each one, review whatever sections you did worst in.

    study study study study

    pass the cpa!!!

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    shake it off; start anew……

    work MCQ's like a hard drug addiction………get wiley 14.0 work all them perfect and then go do all joe hoyle's free ones..I have a…100% pass rate proven…..by me

    that is all it takes……..addiction to the CPA exam game

    I swear I am going to create with my first million….. a cpa exam review like world of warcraft and make a boat loads of money…maybe like my sims or penquin club

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    Hey Marcus,

    I am still struggling myself to pass, but I have passed one section. Perhaps if you focus on one section it might be a little easier to pass. That's just my take on it. When I failed REG the 1st time I got a 69 and I took it the following testing window and got a 75. I haven't been so lucky with BEC, but I just took & failed (72) BEC on 8/31 and I just paid NASBA so I can re-take in October. The material is still somewhat fresh and I know I just have to get 3 more points, so I'll re-study and I'm adding the Yaeger Cram which I hope will get me that 75.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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