Texas CPA licensing process timeline 2021

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    Hi all, this is the texas CPA licensing timeline in 2021

    Hope that helps.

    3/1 Fedex overnight my application
    3/4 Received email from the board that they have received my application
    3/4 Email from the board that money have received
    3/5 The board contacted me to submit more information regarding my work experience
    3/7 Sent all the information that the board have requested
    3/9 Received a call from the board telling me that I will receive email regarding the ethic exam
    3/11 finished the ethic exam (FYI, super easy, not tricky at all)
    3/19 fail to log in to the Tsbpa as exam candidate with the same control# and password

    I will keep update the status.

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    Should I be worry about that I cannot log in as a exam candidate ???
    Is there something wrong with their server???


    3/22 got the license's number and pay for the license fee
    ( Turns out that I failed to log in as a exam candidate is because I was recognized as a licensee in the system)

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