Studying for 2 parts simultaneously

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    I am currently studying for Audit (have been on and off since August) and will start studying for Regulation this weekend using Becker self study. I am taking the Audit exam on November 23rd and Reg on November 30th. I work full time in corporate accounting. I have already passed BEC and FAR but am worried about Audit and especially Reg. Is this timeline possible? Does anyone have any advice? I would really appreciate any help or words of wisdom, etc.

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    Hey rsanchez, you have enough time, but your nights and weekends are gone…and you won't have a life, until December.

    I'm currently getting ready for FAR, s/b ready by Octber 30th.

    Then I will start studying (again for November 30)for AUD and REG both which I failed in July '09 and Aug '09. I faied AUD with a 70 and REG with a 74.

    My advice for REG is GO FAST and when you don't know something right-away, guess B! Spend no more than 30 minutes on each Testlet.

    SPEED is the name of the game for REG. I spent too much time with the MCQs and did not have enough time for the two SIMS; when I got to the 1st SIM, I only had 1:10…..

    I thought I did great on AUD, but when I got my score report I was weak on Information (32-38%)and Review (8-12%).

    My advice for Audit is to SLOW DOWN when you're doing your MCQs, you have plenty of time (4 1/2 hours). Read the questions very carefully even if you think you know the answer at first….On the SIMS (had plenty of time) I scored weaker. I don't think the SIMS were difficult, but again I didn't do well, don't really know why. I believe it was because I didn't write enough or well enough. My answers were like 3 sentences. Next time I'm going to write plenty….

    Good Luck

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