State selection for International CPA Exam candidates

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    Hi all,

    What state are you, as an international candidate, choosing?

    And why?

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    I chose CO since it is one of the 120 states and I live in a 150 state, did not want to go through extra work to be eligible to write the exam 🙂


    I chose 150 hrs b/c it prepared me for the exam and gave me the dicipline to pass with good material and study habits

    although if I was international…..I would not even consider getting it…b/c it would be a waste of time……get a MBA and focus on international accounting or wait till like 2012….but it is up to you……I guess big 4 company force it down your throats….and work you too much…your choice…..I prefer Texas b/c it is the best and everything is bigger and better in Texas


    I agree with Rob. The 150 hours with most of it being in accounting really helps. That is one reason I have struggled with this test. I have 224 total college hours but only the minimum required to sit for the CPA exam. My other electives were Political Science (totally useless) and Criminology (also totally useless). I think I would have been better off to take the extra accounting classes and graduate with 250 hours.

    I do have to disagree on Texas being "better". I'm in Louisiana and we definately have better food! Ha Ha Please don't take offense this is a joke.


    I need an advice; for those of you that have taken Reg and passed or did not passed but know much about a better material to use, I need your opinion. I took Reg in August and not sure if I will pass. I used Becker and beleive that it prepared me well for multiple choice. I did not know a thing in any of the simulation. I am praying that I pass the exam but not very optimistic. If I am to take it again, what material do you recommend. I am in a dilema between Becker's final review and Yaeger's final review. Your input please.


    If you go with Yaeger – I would get the HomeStudy and not the cram.

    AUD - 79
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 76
    REG - 92
    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review


    can someone help me with books and material required to start preparation for my cpa exam. am very new to this. i am planning to start this course.i have completed accouting exam in another country and am looking forward for cpa exam.

    please help me with all the details for all the 4 papers and where they are available. are there any options to purchase them for better prices.

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